What really sets Columbia apart from our competition?

We spend enormous amounts of time listening to the goals and objectives
of all our prospects and customers and apply equal resources to translate
what we've heard into great ideas and logical solutions that provide clear
and dynamic solutions.

Once the sale is made we spend as much energy communicating with our
suppliers to monitor their ongoing production to insure a flawless delivery,
not just the first time, but every time. As a result all our resource partners
understand how important your business is to us and that become just as
dedicated to perfection and success as we are.

Our owners originate from mostly a business management background, not
a sales background, we understand that our continuing growth doesn't
depend on the persistence of our sales pitch but rather the quality
workmanship we deliver and reliability of our service.

Every member of our team at Columbia is completely dedicated to providing
the best possible products and service even on the smallest of orders and
we are convinced that you will be so pleased with what we do and how we
do it that we'll eventually earn all of your business.
World Wide Resources

Columbia Promotions can put at your disposal just about any product you
can imagine from just about anywhere in the world and then carefully and
precisely enhance your selections to best reflect your company image and
respond to your budget or marketing objectives.
Increase Marketplace Visibility

Introduce New Products

Improve Customer Relations

Motivate or Reward Customers

Emphasize Sales Events

Employee Service Awards

Safety & Education

Increase Brand Awareness


Promote New Services

Highlight New Products

Reinforce Existing Products & Services

Recognize Employee Performance

Reward Sales Performance

Our printing and embroidery facilities are located in both Vancouver and
Toronto, other products from our Canadian, US and offshore suppliers are
decorated by the manufacturer because of the unique processes they
employ for their own specialty products.

In addition to screening and embroidery, Columbia offers digital printing,
laser engraving, pressure sensitive labelling, embossing, de-bossing,
geo-pannel, aqua mark, decals, unique speciality patches, etched
engraving, heat transfer, pad printing - all designed to perfectly enhance
ordinary products in a way that will make them outstanding.
In our industry there are a few unseen issues that make
choosing the right kind of supplier very important.
Our customers say they prefer working with Columbia
because of our product knowledge and our unending
energy and great ideas.

We'd say that our product knowledge simply reflects our
years of experience and the unending energy we focus on our
customer's needs is exactly what they deserve.

  • Many of our clients don't have the resources to generate the needed
    artwork for their projects so most suppliers will usually do it for them
    but the cost is added to their invoice or hidden within their price.

    Since your real delivered cost can be so critical, Columbia provides
    almost unlimited access to our art department to generate all the
    artwork you might ever need and present it in a form that allows you
    to make intelligent marketing choices and decisions.

    And we do it absolutely free, not added to your bill later, not hidden
    somewhere in your cost - ABSOLUTELY FREE.

  • Some promotional houses provide showroom to display their
    products, not a bad idea if they actually have what you are looking for
    in their showroom, unfortunately too often that's not the case.

    We think our "Swift Sample" system is far better. Within days choosing
    items of interest, we deliver the exact samples needed into your
    hands for complete evaluation. You don't have to travel anywhere and
    you and your entire team can take the time you need to verify quality
    and value of every item before making your final decision.

  • Most promotional houses do a good job of taking orders and
    delivering what you asked for, at least most of the time, but what
    those same folks don't usually include is the kind of added no cost
    services that can enhance the value of every item you purchase.

    Ask your current supplier if they provide

  • A free Custom Catalog containing detailed descriptions and
    decorating specifications for every item you order.

  • Ask if they have also negotiate far better pricing for you based on
    your global purchasing patterns.

  • Ask if they can offer inventory and distribution systems for large multi
    destination promotions.

  • Ask if they are willing to offer free ongoing support to help generate
    unique ideas to further enhance your marketing projects.

  • And finally, ask what systems they have in place to track every order
    from inception to delivery that will protect you from possible failure in
    quality, price, or delivery.
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