Columbia completely understands the goals of corporate branding
Our “Private Label Partners” have come to rely on Columbia for our
product knowledge, quality assurance systems and customer support
programs that encompass all their expectations for design and oversight of
manufacturing quality, packaging, and delivery.

Columbia is an exceptionally reliable source for your branded apparel from
Canadian or worldwide sources from start to final delivery. We design and
deploy systems for direct distribution in bulk or to individuals in perfect
harmony with your ever changing needs.
What exactly is Private Label?

Private Label is the ultimate expression of who you are and how much you
care about your image or brand wherever it is visible. For employees as an
example, it can be standard or custom designed apparel in your corporate
colors, decorated with the specified text and logos for your organization.
From concept to design to delivery
Ask Columbia about  our affordable custom branded
apparel that can generate a dramatic increase in
employee visibility.
A high profile client decided to offer their employees distinctive
corporate apparel but it would have to meet these criteria.

  • Suggested styles & colors had to reflect their conservative
    corporate image while exhibiting superior durability
  • The apparel had be made here in Canada and  
    constructed with recycled or eco-friendly materials
  • Although they were prepared to pay a premium, the cost
    still had to be competitive with "off the shelf" garments
  • All items suggested had to be readily available and
    adaptable to their changing needs

Out of all the suppliers that were invited to tender only
Columbia's "Private Label Program" met and surpassed the
client's objectives and the project was successfully implemented.
P     R     O     M     O     T    I     O     N     S