All artwork is free.
Our creative graphic team can create new graphics or logos for your business even if the only art
you have is scribbled on a napkin - and the best part is we'll do it all for free.

Available Art Work
Vector files are preferred but E-mail, faxes, photocopies, business cards, letterhead or hand
renderings, or just an idea are all acceptable but they will require a little additional time for
enhancement, of course as always at no additional cost. All original artwork created by Columbia is
maintained in our files for future projects.

FYI on Embroidery
All embroidery orders require digital conversion of artwork for use on embroidery equipment. It is
important to know that embroidery cost is measured by the size of the embroidery (stitches) not by
the number of colors it contains. All costs associated with digitizing will be included and explained
separately within your quotation.

FYI on Screen Printing
The costs for screen printing is linked directly to the number of colors printed.  Each color
printed requires a separate film and color process therefore these costs will be included and
explained separately within your quotation.

FYI on Digital Printing
As a relatively new printing technique, digital printing is now just as reliable and durable as screen
printing. The direct "image to product" printing process is usually appropriate for smaller orders
with high color content. Digital printing lends itself to only certain fabrics and surfaces but it is often
less costly for a multi-color jobs because it bypasses many of the mechanical costs used in
Delivery of Orders
In most cases the customer is responsible for the freight cost on their incoming shipments, we
can use your preferred carrier or arrange for delivery at competitive rates. If we arrange for
delivery our normal practice is to charge that cost at time of billing.

Expected Delivery Window
Our “Rule of Thumb” for production after final art approval for Canadian suppliers is about 10
working days and about 15-20 days for US sources.  If you have a looming target date it’s
best to discuss your time line with your representative so that we can guarantee on time
delivery. Products furnished by "off shore" suppliers require a longer delivery window (about 6
weeks) but the lower cost will often justify the wait.   

Payment of Orders
When you order decorated products you essentially cause them to be "custom manufactured"
exclusively for you and you alone, therefore, unless otherwise negotiated we require full
payment in advance of final delivery, either by check or Credit card. (Visa - Master Card)
Product Quality
Any order for quality products that does not perform as expected, or as stated, under conditions
of normal use and care will quickly be repaired or replaced. It is important however to advise
Columbia within 60 days of delivery of any poor performance so we can respond appropriately.  

However, some lower cost goods (inexpensive giveaways) usually carry no expectation for
either performance or longevity, its just the nature of this business. That being said, should any
order not meet the specifications that we agreed to, we'll still do our best to make things right as
quickly as possible, that's a Columbia promise and commitment attached to every single item we
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