The Columbia Custom Catalog
Originally designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of larger customers and organizations, we now apply the
same "source to customer" price and service principals to deliver the same advantages to any of our customers.

  • Contracts - there are no contracts to sign or minimum quotas to fulfill
    because we believe our outstanding pricing and service will speak for

  • Pricing - unfortunately we can not guarantee pricing for the life of your
    catalog, however, should there be a supplier cost increase we will
    negotiate a mutually acceptable price for future orders. On the other
    hand, any price decrease or incidental savings will be automatically
    passed on to you.

  • Commitment to Service - With a custom catalog program in place new
    advantages become available such as "dedicated inventory" or "direct
    distribution" for greater flexibility or shorter production times and much
    quicker delivery. Should you choose to drop some items or add others,
    your custom catalog will be updated immediately and forwarded to all
    involved personnel. Of course any new items will have to meet the same
    approval criteria before they can be added.

  • Protecting Your Image - your corporate image is as important to us as it
    is to you, therefore, no order would be accepted or processed by
    Columbia (even from your approved purchasers) if it falls outside your
    approved specifications.  

  • Graphics - all graphics and art work prepared for your product catalog
    or ideas you might eventually need to prepare for market evaluation or
    new projects are of course included absolutely free of charge.
How we build your Custom Catalog

  • You provide Columbia with a general list of  items
    you're looking for - quantity and price range.

  • Based on your projections, we furnish a complete and
    competitive quotation along with added suggested
    items and new ideas that meet or surpass your needs.

  • Our original quote/presentation is then refined in
    consultation with you and our suppliers to provide the
    best possible pricing, delivery and support services
    available just about anywhere.

  • Upon your final approval, we then produce a printed
    and digital custom catalog specifically designed to
    meet all of your anticipated purchases.

  • Your finalized catalogue is delivered with complete
    product specifications, including all available colors
    and sizes depicted graphically with full specific
    specifications of all decorations and designs.
Don't tie yourself into knots looking for ideas and solutions
call Columbia and get us to do all your legwork
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